Ammodo is a foundation that promotes and supports art, science and architecture. We believe expanding knowledge and developing new perspectives in these fields are crucial to address contemporary challenges and move society forward.


Ammodo’s art programme aims to stimulate the development of internationally distinctive visual arts and performing arts. We focus on experimental and high-end productions and development programmes, working in close collaboration with our partners in the art world. Our support offers art institutions and artists the opportunity to create new work, thereby contributing to the development of the artists and the quality of the institutions involved.

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Ammodo’s science programme aims to stimulate fundamental scientific research. By supporting independent fundamental scientific research, the programme aims to expand scientific knowledge. Ammodo’s Science programme is fully implemented through the  Ammodo Science Awards and the Ammodo Science Fellowship. Through these  awards we provide funding to scientists  in different stages of their career and to both individuals and research groups in four scientific domains: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. 

Read more about the Ammodo Science Awards: Ammodo Science


Ammodo’s new architecture programme rewards exemplary socially and ecologically responsible architecture projects and their makers and supports new work around the world. We make these projects visible, put them on a stage, share knowledge and create a network. 

The Ammodo Architecture Award will be presented in various categories: from local driven projects, collaborations and initiatives to internationally renowned projects and completed buildings. The awards include substantial financial support for new projects or initiatives that pushes social change.


With Ammodo docs- forward thinking films, Ammodo aims to contribute to the visibility of the work of artists, scientists and architects. By producing new films each year, Ammodo Docs works to build a growing, publicly accessible collection of documentaries about diverse contemporary challenges. In fifteen-minute films, renowned Dutch filmmakers challenge you to see the world through the eyes of pioneers in the arts, science or architecture. Ammodo Docs are curated and produced by Ammodo. The first seven films were released in 2023. The new season will launch in October 2024.

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