Ammodo Architecture promotes and supports socially and ecologically responsible architecture worldwide. We offer various annual awards in three categories which include financial support for new projects or initiatives.

Local Scale


The local scale award encourages self-initiated socially and ecologically oriented spatial projects that have a local impact.

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Social Engagement


The social engagement award encourages talented architects to take the next step in pursuing socially and ecologically responsible architecture.

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Social Architecture


The social architecture award encourages outstanding architects by rewarding excellent socially and ecologically responsible architecture.

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What we value

Architecture offers us a new perspective. We are looking for projects by socially and ecologically engaged architects, multidisciplinary design teams and spatial practitioners from around the world. The ambition is to reach out to both the global architecture community and local practitioners.

We value how teams and projects use excellent design skills as the primary tool to support social and ecological responsibility. We encourage an integrated approach, while acknowledging that no project will address all values equally.

How we work

The Ammodo Architecture Award is a global award with a regional approach. The award process is divided into three phases: sourcing, selection and sharing. The sourcing and selection of potential projects is organized in six regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North & Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia & Oceania. It combines North and Central America, and Southeast Asia with Oceania for a fair project representation, based on the UN M49 standard and regional project volumes. This ensures diverse architectural practices from various world regions are highlighted equally.

6 regions
6 regions


The sourcing of potential projects is organized through an open call on the Ammodo Architecture website and a global team of proactive regional ambassadors. The ambassadors are well-informed in the field of socially and ecologically responsible architecture and are asscoiated with universities, media, institutions or practices. The role of the ambassadors is to identify potential projects in their respective regions and within all the categories in accordance with the assessment criteria. The ambassadors shall encourage potential candidates to submit projects. It is the responsibility of the applicants to submit a project. The ambassadors are not involved in the selection process. Eligible submissions are always welcome via the open call.


After the website has closed for entry, the submissions are checked against the absolute criteria and Ammodo Architecture prepares the workflow for selection. The eligible entries go into the selection process. An advisory committee of internationally renowned experts is invited to select the winning projects based on the values of the Ammodo Architecture Award. The advisory committee meets in person in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to work on a collective proposal for the final selection of the winners.


Ammodo Architecture stays in close contact with the teams behind all the winning projects. The prize money associated with the award is to be used by the recipient to fund a plan for a proposed project. The execution of the plans is communicated through visual material and progress reports. In addition, all recipients play a crucial role in the development of the online knowledge platform on the Ammodo Architecture website. This international platform stimulates the exchange of knowledge in the field of social and ecological architecture through an extensive archive of winning projects and by providing insight into the progress of the projects resulting from the prize money. 


March 4 2024

Website open for submissions

April 19 2024

Website closes for submissions

October 2024

Winners are announced


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